About Sparki

Charge & Go

The electric cars of the future are here now, and they need power – lots of it. Sparki is investing in tomorrow’s charging stations today: an ultra-fast, ultra-powerful network of super-chargers in Belgium.

Charging in the fast lane!

Sparki wants to shape the sustainable mobility roadmap for future generations by building the most powerful, reliable network of ultra-fast chargers for electric cars in Belgium. Want to learn more about what drives us?

Vision, mission, values

How we do things differently


  • Fastest charging stations on the Belgian and international market


  • Strategically placed
  • Known location partners with premium sites
  • Roaming access to international and national networks
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  • Focus on innovation
  • High-tech partners
  • Maximum reliability
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  • In-house customer service center (24/7)
  • Proactive approach

Innovation & technology

The electric spark is in our DNA. It’s even in our name. Sparki is synonymous with power and simplicity. Ultra-fast is standard for us. At Sparki, our 300+ kW power source is just a starting point.

Growth: our driver

Sparki is an ambitious Belgian company with a definite growth mindset. Building as many ultra-fast charging stations as we can – as soon as we can. That’s our plan. Our first stations are already open.

Our partners

Having the federal investment company SFPIM as a financial backer puts Sparki in pole position. We are always on the lookout for like-minded partners with top-tier locations for our network of ultra-fast chargers.

Become a location partner

Let’s get you on the fast track. The fastest charging on the market – that’s our roadmap. But we can’t do this alone. Do you own a prime location? Why not consider Sparki as your charging station partner? You’ll generate rental income and get a share of the profit.