The fast track to a green fleet

In Belgium, our company cars and fleets are electrifying faster than our smartphone can download a new app. Clearly, the government is giving the transition to EVs an extra boost. What do you need to know as an employer or fleet manager?

New tax incentives

The government recently introduced a package of new incentives to ramp up the transition to electric vehicle fleets. Opting for an electric company car is and will remain the best option as fossil fuels become more and more expensive.

Green deal

Climate neutral by 2050, that’s the European Green Deal. To achieve this goal, the Belgian government is encouraging the transition to electric vehicles.

Corporate fleets

Companies with older fleets will benefit by replacing their fleet sooner. Not only will you save money, you’ll be more sustainable.

EVs: fantastic tax benefits

Emission-free company cars purchased, leased, or rented before 1 January 2027 are eligible for a 100% tax deduction. Company cars with combustion engines will lose their tax benefits incrementally. The same goes for plug-in hybrids. Most tax benefits for EVs won’t be phased out until 2027.

Important dates

  • The current rules for tax deductions apply to all non-emission-free cars ordered before 1 July 2023.
  • The vehicle can’t change ownership.
  • Phase-out scheme for non-emission-free vehicles ordered between 1 July 2023 and 31 December 2025.
  • The maximum deduction will drop by 25% each year to 0% in 2028.
  • Non-emission-free vehicles are no longer tax deductible.

Registration & motor vehicle taxes

There are registration and motor vehicle tax benefits for driving electric – with slight differences between Flanders, Brussels, and Wallonia. Clearly, the government is pushing electric.

Solidarity contribution

As an employer with electric vehicles, you get a better deal on your CO2 contribution to social security. Sticking with combustion vehicles means a hefty increase in the “solidarity contribution” starting in 2023.

Charging stations at work

Employers can deduct up to 150% of their charging station installation costs through 31 August 2024. The charging station must be freely accessible to non-employees for at least part of the day.


Home charging stations

Private individuals will get a 30% tax rebate for installing a green-powered charging station through 31 December 2023. Starting in 2024, this drops to 15% for an investment up to €1,500 per charging station.


The importance of fast charging

Not everyone can charge at home. Who wants to drag an extension cord across the street or down a driveway? Ultra-fast charging is the solution. But the Belgian ultra-fast charging network is very limited. That’s why Sparki is shifting up a gear. Over the next three years, we will open as many as 600 charging stations in some 250 locations in Belgium.

The Sparki charging card

As an entrepreneur or fleet manager, you want to switch to an electric fleet as soon as possible. So why not use Sparki charging cards?