Location partners

A win-win model for AAA locations

Sparki offers a profit-sharing model for location partners. Our charging network is built exclusively on top-tier sites along busy main roads. Owners of these AAA locations are welcome to apply to become location partners.

Sparki is looking for location partners

Building a network of ultra-fast charging stations at an ultra-fast tempo isn’t something you can do alone. Sparki is looking for like-minded entrepreneurs to help pave the way. Own a prime location that qualifies? With ample room to park and place charging stations?
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Why become a Sparki location partner?

Sparki is a young company bursting with energy, literally. Our core values are just as powerful as our ultra-fast charging stations.
  • Gain revenue from your parking lot
  • Rental income & profit-sharing
  • No investment & no risk
  • Increase your property value
  • Sustainable business model
  • Attract new customers

A growth mindset

With a roadmap for ultra-fast growth, Sparki is a financially strong, stable, well-rooted Belgian company. By installing only 300+ kW charging stations, we’re investing in technology for tomorrow. We realize it is not only our future – it is yours.

Government partner

As an innovative Belgian company with the federal investment company SFPIM as our financial backer, Sparki is uniquely positioned to guarantee future growth.

What is Sparki looking for?

Prime locations
Outdoor parking lots (accessible 24/7)
At least 4 parking spaces
Space to install a high-voltage cabin

What does Sparki do?


EV sales growing exponentially

Over the next two years, electric vehicle sales will increase five-fold. They’ll even exceed the 2 million mark by 2030. All those electric cars will have to charge somewhere. The Belgian charging network lags behind. With Sparki, that’s about to change.

Feel the Spark? Become a location partner

Do you have a prime location with plenty of traffic? Are you considering installing an EV charging station and want a share of the profit? Request a site survey and our engineers will schedule a site visit soon.