Vision, mission, values

The Sparki view of the future

Sparki is building the largest, most accessible, ultra-fast charging network in Belgium. Challenging? Definitely. But ambition is what keeps us on track.

Our vision

Sparki wants to shape the sustainable mobility roadmap for future generations. Smooth travelling in a rapidly changing, more sustainable world is our final destination. We like to call it “charging the future!”

Our mission

Sparki is building the most powerful, accessible, reliable, and ultra-fast EV charging network at prime locations across Belgium. The fastest charging solution where you need it when you need it. We like to call it “charge & go”.

Only “green” skies ahead

Just in case you are still wondering, all our charging stations supply only green electricity as well.

“Think Sparki”

At Sparki, we think a little differently: dynamic, ambitious and a bit rebellious at times, but above all, focused on solutions.

Our values

Sparki is a young company brimming with energy. Our core values are as powerful as our ultra-fast charging points.
  • Energetic
  • Innovative
  • Rebellious
  • Ambitious