The Sparki charge card

Easy & cost-efficient? Indeed.

A charge card? Or a token on your keychain? It really can be that simple. Business or personal? Doesn’t matter. The Sparki charge card is available for everyone.

Charge anywhere? It couldn’t be quicker!

Belgian network
Yes, you can charge just about anywhere in Belgium with the Sparki charge card. You don’t need to look for a Sparki station. Anywhere, really? Well, practically anywhere, we admit.
European network
With a Sparki charge card, you can charge across almost all of Europe. For now, Sparki stations are only located in Belgium, but our roaming agreements let you easily charge when travelling outside Belgium as well.

Transparent pricing

Our ultra-fast charging rates are clear-cut. Just check the Sparki app for the latest market-based rate. At Sparki, you don’t pay any connection costs and we base our pricing on the current market. Right now, you’ll pay €0.79/kWh at Sparki (incl. VAT).

Easy charging with a Sparki card.

Practical and convenient. Just use your Sparki charge card or token whenever and wherever you need to charge.

The Sparki app

The Sparki app keeps you constantly up to date on our latest locations. Apple or Android? Just download the app on your smartphone from the app store.

Request a charge card

It takes less than a minute to request our Sparki card. Even that’s super-fast at Sparki. Have a few questions before you decide? Ask away…

Don’t have a Sparki charge card? No worries.

Do you have a card from another brand? Of course, we’re not thrilled about that, but you can use just about any charge card at any Sparki location. You don’t need a dedicated card. At Sparki, we’ll soon be accepting a variety of popular payment methods as well.